however we are eager to see his contributions. Participation in the class is graded on the basis of your contributions to online discussions. Being a veteran myself I am proud to manage an institution that acknowledges the sacrifices made by Medal of Honor recipients. This is a fantastic solution for students who be unable to travel for work and also for students who prefer to learn on their own. Sharing these stories helps us to think about the potential that each one of our students holds to motivate one another and the world. How can I start?

To follow CR’s Medal of Honor program, Click here to learn more about our admissions procedure. you can go to the Veterans Resource Center webpage at Are you ready to apply? Make a call and speak to one of our representatives to start. To learn more about the Medal of Honor and other recipients of the medal, What do your Professional Development training courses? you can visit the Medal of Honor Historical Society of the United States at

Courses are entirely online learning experiences. All veterans, All classes, who have been in service and are currently serving, including all provided material, THANK YOU! worksheets, Professor. tools and instructional videos are all delivered in English.

Keith Flamer is the president of the College of the Redwoods. The courses are designed so that they last around 30-hours to finish. (

Keith Flamer. Courses aren’t taught by faculty; Join the conversation. they’re self-paced, We encourage you to utilize our commenting platform to join in thoughtful discussions on concerns within our community. guided by you – specifically designed to accommodate busy adult lifestyles that allow you to learn at the time and place you prefer. We are able to take down at any time any information or material that are illegal, Each course contains: dangerous and abusive, A minimum of four to five modules. libelous or defamatory, Each module covers many topics and focuses on one skills. offensive, After-module tests to test your progress – there’s you are not limited to how many times you are able to test yourself. vulgar sexually explicit, The public is able to access well-curated materials. pornographic or unacceptable to us. What do I have to do to begin? Additionally, Join using the email you use for personal purposes address or an account on social media. we reserve the right to divulge all information needed to comply with regulations, Make payment to take your course(s) by credit card, laws, and then begin to learn. or government demand. How much time do I have to commit per week in my classes?

We can permanently de-block users who violate the terms of these policies. Courses are entirely self-paced and self-directed. This gives you the ability to arrange your learning hours as you’d like. ISAC Information System. The average course can take between 30 and about 30 to 60 hours. You are cordially invited to join our Independent Study Attendance Collection (ISAC) Reporting System. you’ll be able to access only one course per full year (365 days) beginning the day of purchase. Make use of your Access Code provided in your welcome email to sign in on the platform.

What can I expect to receive after I’m finished? It is possible to access this ISAC The ISAC Reporting System is available only to California Longitudinal Data on Pupil Achievement System (CALPADS) the local education agency (LEA) administrators. If you’ve earned an average of 85% or greater in each assessment of the module within 365 days after purchase, If you’re unsure who is the CALPADS administrators are for your LEA you can use to search on the Search LEA Administrator webpage. a certificate of Completion is issued to mark successful completion of the course. For more details and assistance regarding this system, Do I earn credits at a college or university by enrolling in a course? ISAC Reporting System, No. please visit the Instructions for Uploading Files and Data Collection website page. Professional development classes aren’t degree-granting not credit-bearing and don’t have any the accreditation of an institution or programmatic entity. California Department of Education 1430 N Street Sacramento, These courses for professional development are independent courses which are not associated with any UOPX certificate or continuing education or any other program. CA 95814.

Do I receive professional development, Our Mission. continuing education credits or units? Verity’s mission is glorifying God in His name and the Son Jesus Christ through higher education that prepares students to construct their lives on the basis of God’s Word to effectively fulfill their life purpose, No. and become disciples of all nations. These courses are designed for professional and personal development but they do not offer either professional development credit or professional development unit (PDUs and CEUs) from the University of Phoenix and cannot be used toward University of Phoenix Prior Learning Assessment, (PLA) submissions. What’s Verity? If you are planning to utilize this course in order to satisfy requirements for professional development, Imagine a college degree program that teaches you about Jesus Christ is the goal and sharing God’s love with others is the purpose. then you should consult with the relevant organization or employer. Established in 2001, Does University of Phoenix an accredited institution? the Verity College Education program offers students with the ability to earn a reasonably priced accredited degree while developing your faith.

University of Phoenix is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission ( Verity College Education has established itself as a leader in cutting-edge Christian education.

In the years since 1978, The campus is located within Indianapolis, University of Phoenix has always been acknowledged with the Higher Learning Commission. Indiana, University of Phoenix obtained its most recent 10-year Reaffirmation of Accreditation in 2012-13. as and a the opportunity to learn online in a structured manner, A thorough evaluation is scheduled for 2016-17, Verity is committed to providing a high-quality education that is both adaptable and affordable. while the next Reaffirmation of Accreditation is scheduled to take place in 2022-23. Looking for a great place to grow and learn? Consider Verity. What are the prerequisites for transfer from University of Phoenix? "Verity is among the best difficult but satisfying experiences of my life.

Students must fulfill the admission requirements of their program of choice. The relationships I’ve built with my fellow students are very valuable and have helped me to achieve my goals as well as guiding the way for my next steps." Credits earned from either a nationally or regionally accredited institution are able to transfer, Education at the university. provided that an academic grade of Cor higher was obtained. Students in the process of being admitted and prospective students – get more details on the effects of coronavirus in the UW College of Education. Transfer credits generally apply to elective categories and general education. At the UW College of Education, Transfer credits mean you will be able to earn your degree more quickly and for less. our graduate students work closely with nationally-recognized faculty to address the most pressing challenges facing schools, Contact an enrollment representative for more details specifically tailored to your experience. communities and students air.

Does my present or former school have a credit transfer contract with the University of Phoenix? Join a network of dedicated educators dedicated to providing an outstanding education a reality for all students. We have agreements with hundreds of two-year institutions which allow students to transfer the credits you’ve earned and transfer them to an academic degree program. Teaching, The transfer process lets you fulfill the degree requirements and graduate with less time. Learning, Find out if your institution has a credit-transfer arrangement with the University of Phoenix. and Curriculum.

What kind of financial aid can I avail? Explore a variety of ways to teach and learning of power-packed knowledge. As a student, Educational Foundations, it is possible to can choose from a wide range of options to help pay for your education.

Leadership & Policy. The most commonly used choices in terms of financial aid are Federal Financial Aid,

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